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More than a simple boutique, a rare magazine.

More than an exceptionnal magazine, a particular boutique.

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Lastelier, Italy under your skin

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Lastelier is a French fashion accessory house created by Bérengère de Lassée. Her House exclusively manufactures its collections in Italy and offers high-end designs that are timeless, assertive and elegant. Before creating her own brand, Bérengère de Lassée worked for the renowned house Bottega Veneta in Italy. Over the years, surrounded by the...

The Trilogies of the Beautiful #01 Manifesto

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They are journalists, writers, rappers, movie directors or surgeons. For Maison Sensey, Nadir Dendoune, Akhenaton and Dr Alfred Fitoussi agreed to open up to journalist Laurence Lorenzon to share their – inevitably – very personal views of beauty. Three men with very different backgrounds and stories, for this very first episode of the...

Andrew Basile, creator of dreams

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Andrew Basile is a singular artistic director. This visionary New York artist and conductor for Calvin Klein, Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman, captures the spirit and movement of the times. He is a lover of dreams, which he infuses into reality without forgetting to infuse reality into dreams. He loves contrasts, beauty as much as...