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s e n s e y

More than a simple boutique, a rare magazine.

More than an exceptionnal magazine, a particular boutique.

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Sara Bran, Lacemaker on Gold

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Sara Bran is an alchemist of gold. From her work she brings out the greatest fragility of gold and its powerful beauty. Each piece of jewelry is worked with a multitude of details, hidden messages, or decorated with precious stones. Sara worked for the Maisons de la Place Vendôme among other things, but it was during her exhibition “Sara...

Marie Berthouloux, gold and thread

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Marie Berthouloux first discovered textile before she came to love embroidery, which became her true passion.  In her Parisian workshop, she works gold with a needle, sculpting materials with exceptional embroideries to bring texture and reveal all of the material’s secrets.  Gold embroidery is her specialty. But she also works eclectic materials...