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s e n s e y

More than a simple boutique, a rare magazine.

More than an exceptionnal magazine, a particular boutique.

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Rocchina del Priore, image poetry

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The photographs of Rocchina are both poetic and filled with emotions. They act as memory triggers, bringing us back to family clichés. This Italian woman, passionate about photography since a young age, delivers an interview full of elegance and humility. Her work is both mysterious and subjective. It does not impose anything but opens the...

The Trilogies of the Beautiful #01 Manifesto

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They are journalists, writers, rappers, movie directors or surgeons. For Maison Sensey, Nadir Dendoune, Akhenaton and Dr Alfred Fitoussi agreed to open up to journalist Laurence Lorenzon to share their – inevitably – very personal views of beauty. Three men with very different backgrounds and stories, for this very first episode of the...

Korloff, the black diamond

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The life of Daniel Paillasseur, founder of the prestigious Maison Korloff, is like a novel filled with passions and creations. Born and raised in Lyon, Daniel started as an apprentice butcher and ended up making Maison Korloff one of the most prestigious jewelers in France. Somewhere between audacity and excellence, he managed to shake up...