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“Beauty is everywhere, Beauty in within you”… this is the slogan of Maison Sensey.

The Beauty save that’s for sure. The Beautiful is personal, singular, unclassifiable, undefinable… Beauty escapes us just as it captures us, but it remains essential for it provides meaning. 

In a world turning towards some sort of dehumanisation, a vulgarisation of ideas and beings, we need to take our time to listen and feel emotions… In the end, Beauty is necessary and mandatory, for it governs our senses and our lives. The quest for Beauty must be permanent – for the sake of our history, our spirit, our culture and thus our future

It is for this reason and also because of my history with cancer that I want to make my company Maison Sensey a place that brings together artists and craftsmen with eclectic universes to transmit the passion for beauty, the one that drives us. , which makes us alive.

CancerRock’nMore© is an event to share our know-how with cancer patients and to desacralize the disease, to give ultimate meaning to the pain endured. I want to commit my business over the long term to foundations that help patients, carers and caregivers to face the cancer.

​Companies have their part to do and it is time!

Alone it is not possible to win, it is only by uniting our wills and our forces that we can hope for victory.

We are looking for partner companies for a Franco-British event.

Cancer has no borders, neither do we!

To find out more about our event and if you want to bring your company to an extraordinary and meaningful project, contact us!

Barbara Sensey – Founder of Maison Sensey 

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We need you!

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