ime is one of the values of luxury which is sometimes too forgotten, but which is nevertheless necessary for any exceptional achievement.

We want to put time at the center of our services and our history so as to respect each of the creators or craftsmen of our house and give free rein to their ideas and know-how.

Because to offer you a product that meets your requirements, taking the time is essential and that is what we have most precious.

The manufacturing and delivery times may be variable depending on the creations, the materials selected and the processing.

We offer delivery methods that meet your current desires.

Our goal: To give you the choice to discover a unique human experience.

Extraordinary Deliveries

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience!

Your product delivered to your home, by the Creators of Maison Sensey.

A special moment, imagined for you, at home, with the person who produced your piece.

Service excellence for exceptional products.

An extraordinary moment for a product that is just as much.

& Collect

Pick up your order directly from your creator according to the manufacturing deadlines.

Behind the scenes becomes accessible to you!

Meet the creator of your product, in his own universe.

Immerse yourself in its world: artistic, creative, amazing and fascinating.

Be at the heart of creation and discover the manufacturing secrets of what you have just offered yourself.

A confidential and rare moment.


Sent by the artist.

At your home or post office. According to manufacturing deadlines.