Mauban x Sensey

Save jobs in France! Special operation at cost price to help the Joseph Malinge workshop, the last French shoe manufacturer.

“With Maison Sensey, we share the same search for beauty and a commitment to know-how. So when Joseph announced to us that he was going to have to put all his artisans back on short-time working following the cancellation of his orders from Asia and North America, we thought about a solution: together, we are offering the first women’s model at cost price, the price of which will only pay the wages of the craftsmen, a pair of low black elasticated ankle boots ”. Edouard Quinchon, founder of Maison Mauban. The entire amount of La bottine Mauban X Sensey will be donated to the Atelier of Joseph Malinge, director of the last family-owned shoe manufacturer in France.

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