Sara Bran invented and established the unique knowhow of gold lace, her first long exploration of unknown territories, where artworks and high-end jewellery pieces are raffinate and poetical, within a world of extreme precision and excellence. International winner of titles and awards, she is not only a skilled artisan and artist, but also a writer and a photographer.

In 2017, she started a new body of artworks: the transcription of landscapes and wildlife photographs in silver and gold plates, combining gold and silver lace and chasing skills. She then collaborated with various major photographers and with famous French explorer Jean-Louis ETIENNE. As an artist, she took part of a sailing expedition in the Antarctic Peninsula and trained in the arctic as a polar guide.

In 2022, she created the NGO «ICE ART HOPE », that she leads, and sailed in the high arctic through Greenland and Canada for three months.
More to come!

“To capture the austral lights, in the deep South or in the High North, the ice language and worlds, glimpses of fauna, immensity and wildness”
Sara Bran

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