Reverencieuse Paris is a 100% Parisian brand created by Sébastien Woirin. Imagination at the service of the most beautiful creations.

Sebastien Woirin entrusted the complete handcrafting of this brass champagne cooler to the Parisian bronze-smith Atelier Schmidt, and more specifically to one of their craftsmen, Georges Cano, who studied the feasibility of the project and coordinated all the Parisian craftsmen who took part in its creation before proceeding to assembly.

The savoir-faire of a goldsmith, bronzesmith, metal spinner-turner, polisher, engraver, hammersmith, gilder, chiseler, and a mechanical workshop all came together to craft this piece made of two hinged hemispheres. The base of the sphere houses a ring-shaped ice bucket that cools down the champagne bottle and flutes while avoiding direct contact with the ice.

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