Beharry Versailles

Passionate about creation, driven by a sense of detail and refinement, Amiir Beharry chose to sign his works with his name by creating his own brand in 2018. A graduate of the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, Amiir Beharry is a Mauritian designer now living in France.
It all started with a family heritage. A grandfather a tailor, an entrepreneur father in ready-to-wear and a milliner mother: textiles and clothing have always been part of Amiir’s daily life. Fascinated by leather, Amiir Beharry has always given pride of place to this particular material in his collections. Until the day he wanted to make it the main piece of his work.
From the meeting between artistic passion and family transmission was born the Beharry Versailles brand.

Far from fast fashion, by giving meaning to know-how, craftsmanship and respect for raw materials, Beharry Versailles offers you an authentic experience and relationship to the product and its manufacturer.
Beharry Versailles not only makes high-end leather goods accessible, but also offers the assurance of a unique product, made in the greatest leatherwork tradition. To discover products that you can pass on from generation to generation.

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