Jacques Owczarek

Jacques Owczarek was born in 1961. He lives and works in PARIS. Self-taught, he discovered sculpture when he was 30. Three people have had a décisive influence on carreer : Lucien Bourdon (1909-2003), gallery-owner and collector, Didier Landowski, his bronze founder, and Pierre M. Dumonteil, a famous Paris-based art-dealer with whom he signed an Exclusive five-year contract for his art works in 1999. He is also expanding his artistic horizons with the launch of a collaborative collection based on « encounters with exceptional craftsmen and women, whose talent, enthusiasm and humility opened up opportunities that i would never have dream of having».

These Works also feature noble and rare materials, including crystal, gold, crocodile, ebony, rosewood, ivory and ink. These goldsmiths, foundry, workers, leather, engravers, patina experts, molders, manufacturers, printers and photographers will all draw inspiration from his work and delve deep into their well of talent as part of this precious collaborative opportunity. All of these timless pieces will be guided by the pursuit of excellence and a passion for beauty, and collectively form part of the OWCZAREK SCULPTURES Paris and SO/OW COLLECTION Paris brand.

“To create you need to forget and let go. You need to open and connect to another self who perceives things differently, another you who does not exist anymore. You need to serve another world in which you feel supported and that transforms you.” Jacques Owczarek.

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