Thinking about the African continent is undoubtedly impossible if one does not know how to immerse oneself in its beauty, understand its ancestral cultures, richness, and intensity, and learn from its promises towards life.

Africa is still facing many challenges. But considering Africa only from a pessimistic view would be to neglect and disregard its sumptuousness. This is what the Senegalese economist and utopian philosopher Felwin Sarr, denounces in the first lines of his book Afrotopia. He pleads for another way of thinking about Africa, far from the Afro-pessimism that the French agronomist René Dumont depicts in his book L’Afrique noire est mal partie.
Contemporary African art is a keystone to accessing a part of this long denied beauty.

As witnesses and actors of the African renaissance, contemporary African artists are one of the resources for redefining our ties with life, politics, environment, and technology. By probing our approaches to the past without nostalgia, contemporary African art questions History and thus our civilizational future.This art is a manifesto of the greatness and deepness of Africa, of its excellence and know-how. Through the work of these fascinating artists, Africa is re-appropriating its narrative, beauty, and infinity. They offer the world a new look at Africa.

Together, let’s go to discover the power of this new narrative written by artists from the four corners of Africa in this space dedicated to the beauty observed from the cradle of humanity.

Louwra Baddy – Revealer of African talents

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