The Trilogies of the Beautiful

The Beautiful is personal, singular, unclassifiable, undefinable… Beauty escapes us just as it captures us, but it remains essential for it provides meaning. In a world turning towards some sort of dehumanisation, a vulgarisation of ideas and beings, we need to take our time to listen and feel emotions… In the end, Beauty is necessary and mandatory, for it governs our senses and our lives. The quest for Beauty must be permanent – for the sake of our history, our spirit, our culture and thus our future. The Trilogies of the Beautiful give voice to eclectic characters with contrasting universes. They share their vision of the world with us and address the politics of Beauty.

 The Trilogies of the Beautiful are three podcasts with three different characters.

podcast maison sensey
21 juin 2021

The Trilogies of the Beautiful #02

Rudy Ricciotti
Sarah Ourahmoune 
Nazim Khaled

podcast maison sensey
21 septembre 2020

The Trilogies of the Beautiful #01

Nadir Dendoune
Dr Alfred Fitoussi